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About Us: 

At Planned Parenthood North Central States (PPNCS), we believe all people deserve the right, the freedom, and the opportunity to follow their personal ambitions and choose their own path toward a healthier, more meaningful life. That’s why we protect, promote, and provide comprehensive and progressive sexual and reproductive health care for generations of young people and families with empathy, care, and respect. We are looking for passionate, dedicated staff who are eager to make positive contributions to their community and to the Planned Parenthood mission. 

A Day in the Life 

The CEO leads a collaborative and experienced executive team and defines organizational strategy, ensuring 114,000 unique patients and program participants receive the highest possible quality clinical care and evidenced-based education programming. With 500 staff in 28 clinical and four administrative locations across five states, the CEO ensures that PPNCS is an innovative and respected leader in sexual and reproductive health. 

The CEO is responsible for creating and driving the success of the organization’s strategic objectives and mission to: “affirm the human right to reproductive health and freedom.” Representing one of the nation’s largest Planned Parenthood Federation of America affiliates, the CEO of PPNCS is expected to be a respected Federation leader, serving in key leadership roles that advance the strategies of PPFA and PPNCS. 

Under the supervision of the Planned Parenthood North Central States Board of Directors (PPNCS), the CEO of PPNCS provides and advocates for high-quality reproductive health care and education across the five-state region of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and is responsible for overseeing their two operating ancillary organizations, along with six other ancillary entities that in combination account for $100 million of assets and $70 million of annual operating revenues. 

The CEO will lead a team of eight direct reports, including General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, EVP External Affairs, EVP & Chief Development Officer, VP, Diversity Equity, and Inclusion, and Director of Corporate, Executive and Board Affairs. The total staff size is over 500 across the five-state region. 


This position will impact us with the following contributions: 


  • Provide inspirational, visionary leadership to a highly capable staff located throughout the five-state region. 
  • Oversee an operationally complex organization encompassing health care finance and delivery, advocacy, education, philanthropy, and supporting functions. 
  • Set a vision for the organization that responds to a challenging external environment, public policy challenges, and ongoing changes in the health care industry. 
  • Competently understand how both the newly challenging political environment and emerging trends in health care delivery, such as changing reimbursement levels and models, new technologies, innovations, and other business and public policy changes, affect the PPNCS business model and patients. 
  • Communicate priorities effectively and set clear and reasonable expectations for direct reports and their departments. 
  • Identify and leverage talent among staff, and foster an environment of the highest possible ethical, equitable, and inclusivity efforts across PPNCS. 
  • Facilitate collaboration on cross-departmental objectives. 
  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership and motivate staff across PPNCS amidst a challenging external environment. 
  • Invite input from all levels of the organization. 


  • Act as the chief spokesperson for PPNCS advocating for the organization, their mission, and their programs by building support across all stakeholder groups. 
  • As the leading face and voice of PPNCS, work to increase public awareness and visibility of their mission and work. Be a strategic and adroit communicator, quick on their feet, and a capable communicator in a crisis. 
  • Develop strong, meaningful relationships with various constituencies, including elected leaders, policymakers, corporate leaders, staff, donors, partners in the media, and the broader public. 
  • Develop alliances and advocate with organizations whose missions and values are consistent with PPNCS. 
  • Advocate with policymakers and government at all levels to maintain and expand funding of PPNCS and support for access to reproductive health. 
  • Set and implements successful philanthropy strategy that supports the operations and growth of PPNCS. 


  • Ensure the long-term financial health and sustainability of PPNCS and oversee the creation and implementation of the organization’s financial and business plans. 
  • Implement effective and efficient operational plans that reflect leading-edge industry and clinical standards and implement effective internal controls, procedures, and policies so that PPNCS adheres to the highest possible ethical standards. 
  • Serve as president and partner with each chair to effectively lead the PPNCS Board, the PPMNS and PPH Boards, the PPMNS FUND Board, PPMNS Action Fund Board, and the PPH Foundation Board. 
  • Serve as a leader to build and strengthen the national organization and movement. 


  • Function effectively and authentically in cross-cultural situations by valuing diversity with a heightened awareness of self and other cultural identities. 
  • Align business decisions and actions with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) standards, policies, practices, and attitudes in appropriate cultural settings to increase the quality of service and thus, produce better outcomes. 
  • Commit to continuous development of both personal and organizational cultural competence through daily practice and continuous learning. 
  • Foster a safe environment to engage in culturally relevant conversations and learning. Engage in courageous conversations about racism and privilege. Speak the unspoken to ensure better outcomes for all stakeholders. 
  • Develop a robust internal culture featuring leadership integrity, inclusivity, accountability, respect, teamwork, and open and honest communication. 

The Ideal Candidate:  

The CEO of PPNCS is a dynamic, charismatic, cultural steward, and visionary executive leader. They bring exceptional strategic, operational, financial, programmatic, development, public policy, interpersonal and communication skills. This new leader will be passionate about the mission of Planned Parenthood and the provision of high-quality reproductive health care for all. 

The new CEO will lead one of the nation’s premier comprehensive reproductive health care organizations. 

The PPNCS leader will: 

  • Embody the integrity and high standards that characterize PPNCS, and be a versatile, strategic, and energetic leader. 
  • Possess exceptional financial acumen and strategic capabilities and is also a skilled tactician who will implement new ideas and lead the organization through times that promise significant and unprecedented change. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to motivate and develop staff and foster an internal culture of leadership integrity, inclusivity, accountability, respect, teamwork, and open and honest communication. 
  • Ensure that PPNCS remains fiscally and operationally sound while maintaining programs of the highest caliber, providing leadership to a seasoned executive team and staff. 
  • Possess the skills to elevate PPNCS’ profile in the community, is the chief spokesperson for PPNCS, and build support among diverse stakeholders, including elected and other community leaders, donors, the media, and the broader public. 
  • Maintain and build relationships with elected leaders and play a significant role in advocating for public policy that supports the mission of PPNCS. 
  • Possess the philanthropic experience necessary to oversee the development and implementation of a comprehensive fundraising plan that substantially increases results among individual, corporate, and foundation donors, providing increased financial resources to expand the organization’s already significant impact on reproductive health. 
  • Accept responsibility for the safety of staff, patients, volunteers, and visitors, while knowing that they may also be a target of violence due to the significant public exposure required. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to work effectively and lead multiple high-performing boards of directors. 


  • Graduate degree preferred (MBA, MPA, MPH, JD, MHA, MD) in a field relevant to the work of PPNCS. 
  • Minimum 15 years relevant leadership experience in a health care setting or related field. 
  • Significant nonprofit experience preferred. 

Please note: 

We require all PPNCS employees, volunteers, interns, and fellows to have a current, up-to date, COVID vaccine (Exemptions may be provided for medical, disability (ADA) or religious reasons.) 

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