When you join our marketplace, you need to provide a bank account in a supported country to receive payments. In addition, you need to understand the laws that apply to you as a seller on our website and that you may only post and sell products that comply with those laws. You should consult with your tax and legal counsel, who understand the requirements that may apply to you for you to only offer products on the marketplace website

You are allowed to sell

You can deliver to your customers in a timely manner, every time, without surprising the customer and You can support after sales.

The following applies to each product you offer, promote or sell on a marketplace website

1. Information

You will provide your customers with accurate information about the location that you are shipping your products from. You need to provide an accurate shipping address in your merchant profile and manage customer expectations by stating actual shipping times from your location. You will be responsible for meeting shipping expectations for all orders you receive. Do not providing misleading or inappropriate information to SAM Marketplace or our customers, such as by creating multiple detail pages for the same product or posting offensive product images. 

Communications: You may not send unsolicited or inappropriate messages. All communications to customers must be sent through Buyer-Seller Messaging and be necessary for fulfilling the order or providing customer services. Marketing communications are prohibited.

Customer Information: If you receive customer information such as addresses or phone numbers to fulfill orders, you may use that information only to fulfill orders and must delete it after the order has been processed. You may not use customer information to contact customers (except through Buyer-Seller Messaging) or share it with any third-party.

2. Ship to customers: You must use a reliable shipping method so that customers always receive their purchases on time.

Don’t leave customers with customs delays and incur additional duties and taxes on their purchases. You are responsible for complying with all import and export obligations and for payment of all applicable taxes and customs fees. In short, customers should receive exactly what they ordered with no additional fees or charges and within the estimated delivery date listed on your order on the marketplace website.

3. Right to sell 

You must be authorized to offer, promote and sell products on that website.The laws of each country are different (and laws can vary from country to country). As the seller of your product, it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not present customers with offers for your product unless you have confirmed that you are authorized to sell and supply the product to all customers. potential customer in accordance with all applicable laws.

You may not attempt to circumvent the SAM Marketplace sales process or divert SAM Marketplace customers to another website. This means that you may not provide links or messages that prompt users to visit any external website or complete a transaction elsewhere.

4. Multiple Selling Accounts on SAM Marketplace

You may only maintain one Seller Central account for each region in which you sell unless you have a legitimate business need to open a second account and all of your accounts are in good standing. If any of your accounts are not in good standing, we may deactivate all of your selling accounts until all accounts are in good standing.

Examples of a legitimate business justification include:

  • You own multiple brands and maintain separate businesses for each
  • You manufacture products for two distinct and separate companies
  • You are recruited for an SAM Marketplace program that requires separate accounts

5. Filing Infringement Notices as an Agent or Brand Protection Agency

6. Customer Fees

SAM Marketplace understands that many brands may choose to have brand protection agencies or agents report intellectual property infringement on their behalf and accept submissions from authorized agents. However, SAM Marketplace does not permit individuals with active selling accounts to file infringement notices as an agent of a brand when the filing of those notices could benefit their own selling account (through removing competing listings, for example). Any sellers filing notices as an agent to benefit their own status as a seller may have their selling account terminated.

Your posting will include all applicable fees and taxes (including VAT, customs duties, excise taxes, etc., where applicable). You will provide a VAT invoice to the customer at the customer’s request, if any. 

Do not Attempting to increase the price of a product after an order is confirmed

7. Taxes

You are solely responsible for

  • Determining if any taxes are applicable
  • Calculating taxes due
  • Reporting to the appropriate tax authorities . You are responsible for meeting applicable VAT/GST obligations, including VAT/GST obligations in the Selected Country, the country to which you ship your product and any other applicable countries

8. Ratings, Feedback, and Reviews

You may not attempt to influence or inflate customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews. You may request feedback and reviews from your own customers in a neutral manner, but may not:

  • Pay for or offer an incentive (such as coupons or free products) in exchange for providing or removing feedback or reviews
  • Ask customers to write only positive reviews or ask them to remove or change a review
  • Solicit reviews only from customers who had a positive experience
  • Review your own products or a competitors’ products

9. Prohibited behavior: 

  • Manipulating sales rank (such as by accepting fake orders or orders that you have paid for) or making claims about sales rank in product titles or descriptions
  • Artificially inflating web traffic (using bots or paying for clicks, for example)
  • Attempting to damage another Seller, their listings or ratings
  • Allowing other people to act on your behalf in a way that violates SAM Marketplace’s policies or your agreement with SAM Marketplace


(i) Animal and wildlife products (including, without limitation, wild animals)

(ii) Artifacts and antiquities

(iii) Used cosmetics

(iv) Counterfeit currency and stamps;

(v) Credit and debit cards

(vi) Currency or credits including, without limitation, digital currency or credits, and stored value cards;

(vii) Drugs, prescription-only medicines, pharmacy-only medicines, drug-like substances and associated paraphernalia. For a list of prohibited medicines, please click here

(viii) Telecommunication equipment that has not been registered with the National Telecommunications Commission of the Philippines, and electronic surveillance equipment and other similar electronic equipment such as cable TV, de-scramblers, radar scanners, traffic signal control devices, wiretapping devices and telephone bugging devices

(ix) Embargoed goods

(x) Firearms, weapons such as pepper spray, replicas, and stun guns, etc

(xi) Alcohol (a valid license must be submitted to, and approved by, SAM Marketplace)

(xii) Prohibited Food: For the safety of our Users, Sellers may not list the following food and food-related items on our Site:

  • Listings containing medicinal claims – that is, a claim that the item is intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in humans and/or animals, contraception, inducing anaesthesia or otherwise preventing or interfering with the normal operation of a physiological function, whether permanently or temporarily, and whether by way of terminating, reducing or postponing, or increasing or accelerating, the operation of that function or in any other way (for example, pharmaceutical drugs, contact lenses, misbranded dietary supplements)
  • Noxious food items – Food which contains any prohibited substances or substances in excess of permitted proportions, adulterated food without fully informing Buyer at the time of sale of the nature of the transaction
  • Non-pasteurised dairy products
  • Wild mushrooms
  • Any other food items hazardous to human health

Food not falling into the Prohibited Food category above must adhere to these minimum standards and guidelines:

  • Expiration dates – all food items must be clearly and properly labelled with an expiration or “use by” date. Expired food items must not be listed
  • Sealed containers – all food and related products sold on the Site should be packaged or sealed to ensure that Buyer can identify evidence of tampering or defect
  • Perishable food items – Sellers who list perishable items should clearly identify in the item description the steps that they will take to ensure that the goods are properly packaged

(xiii) Government or Police related items such as badges, insignia or uniforms

(xiv) Human parts or remains

(xv) Lock-picking devices

(xvi) Lottery tickets

(xvii) Pesticides

(xviii) Potentially infringing items: Items including but not limited to replicas, counterfeit items, and unauthorized copies of a product or item which may be in violation of certain copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of third parties

(xix) Prohibited services: the provision of services that are sexual, illegal in nature, in violation of the Terms of Service, or are otherwise prohibited at Sam Marketplace’s sole discretion;

(xx) Slot machines

(xxi) Recalled items

(xxii) Shares, stock, other securities and stamps

(xxiii) Tobacco or tobacco-related products, including without limitation electric cigarettes/e-juices that contain nicotine

(xxiv) Obscene, seditious or treasonous materials

(xxv) Products that (a) relate to campaigns, elections, political issues, or issues of public debate, (b) advocate for or against, or attack a politician or political party, or (c) promote or encourage any form of hate, crime, prejudice, rebellion or violence

(xxvi) Publications, books, films, videos and/or video games that do not comply with applicable laws in the country of sale and/or delivery

(xxvii) Stolen goods

(xxviii) Mislabelled goods

(xxix) Any other items that are, or that contain components that are (i) illegal or restricted in the jurisdiction of the Buyer and/or the Seller or which otherwise encourage illegal or restricted activities, or (ii) determined by any governmental or regulatory authority to pose a potential health or safety risk.

Violations of this Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy may subject the Seller to a range of adverse actions, including but not limited to any or all of the following:

  • Listing deletion
  • Limits placed on Account privileges
  • Account suspension and termination
  • Legal actions

If you see a listing that violates our policies, please report it to us by clicking the “Report this Product” or “Report this User” button from the dropdown menu in the product or the user page. When a policy violation occurs, we will send an email, system message and push notification to Seller to let them know that the listing has been removed from our Website. We will also send a push notification to Buyer of said listing. You are responsible for ensuring that your phone settings allow you to receive push notifications.

10.  Application for Returns/Refunds

Subject to the terms and conditions in this Refunds and Return Policy and the Terms of Service, Buyer may apply for return of the purchased items (“Item”) and/or refund prior to the expiry of the SAM Marketplace Guarantee Period as stated in the Terms of Service.

We Guarantee is a service provided by SAM Marketplace, on User’s request, to assist Users in dealing with certain conflicts which may arise during the course of a transaction. Users may communicate with each other privately to resolve their differences or approach their relevant local authorities to assist them in overcoming any dispute prior, during or after using SAM Guarantee.

Buyer may only apply for the refund and/or return of the Item in the following circumstances:

  • The Item has not been received by Buyer
  • The Item was defective and/or damaged on delivery
  • Seller has delivered an Item that does not match the agreed specification (e.g. wrong size, colour, etc.) to Buyer
  • The Item delivered to Buyer is materially different from the description provided by Seller in the listing of the item
  • By way of private agreement with Seller and Seller must send his/her confirmation to SAM confirming such agreement

Buyer’s application must be submitted via the SAM Marketplace

Ten (10) calendar days after the return request is raised. In the event where Buyer has commenced legal action against Seller, Buyer may provide the formal notification from the appropriate authority to SAM Marketplace to request SAM Marketplace to continue to hold the purchase monies until a formal determination is available. We will, at its sole and absolute discretion, determine whether it is necessary to continue to hold such purchase monies

11. Your Sales Agreement: You will always abide by the terms and conditions of your sales agreement.